OP-4A Overhead Conveyor Chain Oiler

The OP-4A air operated oilers are pneumatically powered and electrically timed.  A caterpillar chain assembly engages the conveyor chain, engaging the oil dispensing nozzle plate, moving it over the chain pin links. An air operated pump meters a precise amount of oil through each nozzle, lubricating chain pins and links simultaneously. The optional 1000 hour repeat cycle timer features cycle progress display and memory.

OPCO® Model OP-4 Air Operated Conveyor Oiler

OPCO® Model OP-4A Features & Benefits:

  • The OP-4A system lubricates chain pins while conveyor is running under normal conditions.
  • Automatically deposits a clean, metered shot of oil directly and precisely to chain pins at desired intervals. No waste or mess from over oiling.
  • Proper lubrication reduces friction and wear – extends conveyor life.
  • Fast payback based on reduced maintenance and extended productive conveyor life.
  • Eliminates surging caused by non-lubricated and worn chains, so product can be spaced closer, increasing productivity.
  • Helps reduce drive power requirements.
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OP-4A Chain Oiler Video:

OP-41A Overhead Enclosed Track Conveyor Chain Oiler

OPCO’s OP-41A oiler provides effective and clean lubrication for overhead enclosed track conveyors.

OPCO® Model OP-41A Air Operated Oiler- Enclosed Track Conveyor Chain Lubricator

OPCO® Model OP-41A Features & Benefits:

  • The OP-41A system lubricates chain pins and wheels while the conveyor is running under normal conditions
  • Reduces downtime and manual labor operations in lubricating conveyor chain
  • Properly lubricated conveyor can extend the life of conveyor components
  • Eliminates surging caused by non-lubricated and worn chain and wheels, so product can be spaced closer, increasing productivity
  • Conveyor runs smoother, keeps product from swaying, reducing possibility of injury on the line
  • Helps reduce drive power requirements
  • Less waste and contamination. A metered amount of lubricant is cleanly and precisely delivered to the chain and wheels
  • The right lubrication system results in a clean operation — and saves you substantial amounts of time, work and money
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OP-54A ChainMaster High-Speed Pin Chain Oiler

The only system specifically designed for high-speed beverage can pin chain conveyors. Designed to eliminate the variables that plague other units, the OPCO ChainMaster OP-54A’s continuous operation provides consistent, even lubrication. The unit precisely applies a thin film of lubricant directly to the chain and provides a coating to the side links to help minimize varnish buildup and keep the chain clean.

OPCO® Model OP-54A Beverage Can Pin Chain Conveyor Lubricator

OPCO® Model OP-54A Features & Benefits:

  • Non-contact system lubricates small pitch chains regardless of speed
  • Continuous, even lubrication extends chain life
  • Positive displacement pump delivers a metered volume of lubricant
  • Large integral reservoir reduces labor time spent refilling
  • Instantaneous start-up and shutdown protects operating chains
  • Lubricant coating on chain side links decreases varnish and other contaminant buildup
  • Ultra-precise spray minimizes over-spray and lubricant waste
  • Advanced design reduces chain stretch due to premature wear
  • Floor-level reservoir and controls offer easy programming and refilling
  • Adjustable volume prevents over-or under- lubrication
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OP-139A General Purpose Oiler Kit

The OP-139A oiler is a simple, yet effective and clean precision lubrication for all types of conveyor systems

OPCO ChainMaster OP139A Conveyor Oiler kit

OPCO® Model OP-139A Features & Benefits:

  • Integral heavy duty 5-gallon steel reservoir
  • Lubricant level sight gauge
  • Positive displacement metering pump
  • Up to 12 individual lubricant outlets
  • Proximity sensor or air operated trip device
  • Extends the “useful operating life“ of conveyor components and systems
  • Lubricates during production
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Lessens conveyor downtime
  • Helps lower power consumption
  • Precision lubrication reduces waste and contamination
  • Eliminates conveyor surge
  • Reduces undesirable noise
  • Wide viscosity range capability provides flexibility in lubricant selection
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OP-37A Drop Finger Conveyor Chain Pin Oiler

A lubrication system specifically designed for conveyors used in meat processing. Designed with the meat processing industry’s needs in mind, each lubricator comes with a manual on-automatic off, push button reset timer, which allows easy lubrication after wash-downs. The factory custom sets the chain drop to the customer’s application for precise and cost-effective lubricant application.

OP37A Drop Finger Conveyor Chain Lubricator

OPCO® Model OP-37A Features & Benefits:

  • Integral heavy duty 5-gallon steel reservoir
  • Lubricant level sight gauge
  • Lubricates chain pins during operation
  • Positive displacement metering pump
  • Lube cycle controller
  • Eliminates conveyor surge and prevents rusting/corrosion from wash-downs
  • Wide viscosity range capability provides flexibility in lubricant selection
  • Can dispense OPCO’s WearMaster lubricants, which are engineered to cover a broad spectrum of applications, including food-handling
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